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Tastes great on your butt!
Demon Pig BBQ Sauces

Demon Pig BBQ Sauce
is quickly becoming the favorite sauce for competition bbq cooks, backyard cooks and catering. NEW! Check out our recipe section. Our sauces can be ordered online and are also available at many fine stores. You can also order on-line. Make sure to check out our great specials!

Demon Pig's award winning sauces continue to grow in popularity! No matter if you are cooking chicken, beef, pork or seafood, we've got a great sauce for you.

This bbq sauce has taken 20 years to perfect before finally becoming available to the public. Quite a bit of trial and error has gone into this great barbeque sauce. It has its own unique flavor from an array of secret ingredients that are blended to specific measures, No grandchildren were injured during the testing.

Use this sauce on any meat, including seafood, Serve at or slightly above room temperature. Brush on at the end if grilling or slow smoke BBQ. This sauce is not just for BBQ. Use it on anything you would put catsup on.

winnerDemon Pig took 3rd place at wing fest this year in the pro division and we've won 3rd place award in 3 years.

In 2005 this sauce won 2nd place in the NBBQA Awards of Excellence for the Tomato Based Mild BBQ Sauce Category.

It has also helped many meats collect a rainbow of ribbons on the BBQ Competition Circuit for the past 10 years. Thanks for visiting the site and don't forget to tell your friends.

Our new Demon Pig BBQ Sauce Blaze Orange was created by request for those who prefer a bit more heat on their meat, but has the same great flavor as our original bbq sauce.

For all of your meats - checks out our Demon Pig BBQ rub. Our new Demon Pig BBQ rub is great on any meat. Shake it on prior to your favorite cooking method. The rub can be used in combination with either of our Demon Pig BBQ Sauces - on chicken or ribs it is very tasty. This is a low sodium rub. it can be put on ribs overnight without drying them out. It is especially good on Boston Butts for pulled pork sandwiches. And sprinkle it on fried potatoes just before serving for a delicious potato dish!

Ready to order? Go to our products page to order our great tasting BBQ sauce! Or click here to find store locations where you can buy our Demon Pig BBQ Sauce.
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