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Tastes great on your butt!
Demon Pig BBQ Sauces & Rubs
Our sauce "Tastes great on your butt!"


"It's funny how a sauce can be so important to the eating habits of one family! LOL! I'm serious when I say that our daughter won't eat burgers or chicken without your sauce! That doesn't say much for my cooking I know! LOL! Thanks again!"
Julie Smith

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Check out our review on Viewpoints from grillmastermatt - Stewartville, MN

Without a doubt, their sauces are highly enjoyable and well worth the effort to find and purchase. - Click here to read the rest of this review about our Demon Pig Blaze Orange BBQ Sauce.

Demon Pig Blaze Orange BBQ Sauce – The blue pig with the devil horns and tail on the label of Demon Pig Blaze Orange BBQ Sauce is one ugly specimen of swine. But all is forgiven, because the sauce inside the bottle is so good....Click here to read the rest of this review at

Easy on sauce, but big on flavor...Minneapolis-St. Paul Summer Grill Guide

Tenderloin recipe with Demon Pig at Man Tested Recipes

The rub is fantastic! We use it before smoking meats and it gives the meats a great flavor. Donna - Merrifield, MN

2012 Sauces of Honor Winners National Barbecue News

Demon Pig Blaze Orange 1st Place - Best Sauce on Beef!

Demon Pig Original 5th Place - Best Sauce on Chicken!

Demon Pig Original 10th Place - Best Sauce on Pork!

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This sauce would be great on poultry or pork and, with Wee Willy’s, was the best among the five.....

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Demon Pig BBQ Sauce is an AWARD WINNER!


National Barbecue Association
2011 Award of Excellence!

1st Place Tomato Spicy




National Barbecue Association - Awards of Excellence!
1st Place Tomato Spicy- Blaze Orange BBQ Sauce
2nd Place Tomato Mild - Demon Pig BBQ Sauce


National BBQ Festival
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2005 Second Place National BBQ Association
2006 - 1st Place Brainerd Jaycees
Great Northern BBQ